Welcome to the world of LEMISS where body and mind care are just as important. LEMISS is a brand that will accompany you in an active lifestyle, on your way to getting to know yourself and constantly finding inner strength and deep acceptance. We want to create something more than clothes – we want to build a community in which women will be able to motivate each other to work on themselves on many levels, searching for harmony in everyday life, care for health, shaping awareness and taking life into their own hands.

LEMISS grows out of a holistic approach to the body, mindfulness, the search for balance and the experience of joy and peace that movement can bring. We create clothes that are perfect both in nature and in the city. You can practice yoga, go jogging in the woods, go to your favourite gym classes or for a long walk, but also treat them as a base that will work great in a professional situation or on a date. We want all products to be as functional as possible, to be able to find numerous applications and be with you in various situations. Minimalism and special attention to comfort are combined with sensual elements present in the cuts – thanks to this, you can feel sensual and experience full comfort in LEMISS clothes.

The main inspiration was the search for closeness to nature – the texture and colours of the sun-warmed sand leaving subtle traces on the skin, the wind carrying the scent of sea salt, countless shades of the sky, the deep green of the forest awakening from winter sleep. All these elements are reflected in the calm colours, which are supposed to help you find harmony within yourself – even in the city pulsating with sounds and vibrating with stimuli. At the same time, the body and all its hollows, curves, the fascinating way in which it changes during movement and the needs that it communicates to us were also at the centre of our considerations from the very beginning.

We chose the materials with the utmost care – not only so that they breathe with the body and guarantee comfort in various body positions, we also wanted the production process to be characterized by the least interference in the natural environment. A large part of the materials comes from recycling, all of them have ecological certificates. We sew clothes in Poland. A conscious, sustainable, ethical approach to production is an absolute foundation for us.

LEMISS is created by women for women. The owners of the brand are Julia Wieniawa and Roma Janota, the rest of the team is also composed of girls. We are different, but we are united by a common passion for movement, the will to live healthy and in harmony with ourselves, and the need to create a community within which we will be able to learn from each other and inspire each other to changes.